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Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists

A. D. Polyanin and A. V. Manzhirov,
Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists,
Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2006

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T2. Integrals

  • T2.1. Indefinite Integrals
    • T2.1.1. Integrals Involving Rational Functions
    • T2.1.2. Integrals Involving Irrational Functions
    • T2.1.3. Integrals Involving Exponential Functions
    • T2.1.4. Integrals Involving Hyperbolic Functions
    • T2.1.5. Integrals Involving Logarithmic Functions
    • T2.1.6. Integrals Involving Trigonometric Functions
    • T2.1.7. Integrals Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • T2.2. Tables of Definite Integrals
    • T2.2.1. Integrals Involving Power-Law Functions
    • T2.2.2. Integrals Involving Exponential Functions
    • T2.2.3. Integrals Involving Hyperbolic Functions
    • T2.2.4. Integrals Involving Logarithmic Functions
    • T2.2.5. Integrals Involving Trigonometric Functions
  • References for Chapter T2

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